Agjencia për Mbështetjen e Shoqërisë Civile

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  • Mission and Objectives of ASCS

    ASCS is a central, budgetary public entity and acts to fulfill its mission and objectives in accordance with applicable law. The Statute of the Agency is approved by the Council of Ministers.

    The mission of the Agency for Civil Society Support is to promote, through financial assistance, the sustainable development of civil society and the creation of favorable conditions for civic initiatives in the public interest, in accordance with Article 4 of the law, and with the priorities of government program strategies, according to the respective fields.

    The objectives of ASCS are:

    1. Promoting cooperation with NGOs, whose object of work is the supervision of the fight against corruption, the fight against trafficking in human beings and the treatment of its victims, against domestic violence and against violence against children;
    2. Encouraging citizens in activities, their involvement and participation for community development;
    3. Creating and consolidating the capabilities of civil society;
    4. Development of cross-sectoral cooperation and cooperation between civil society organizations;
    5. Increasing the public influence and activity of civil society organizations;
    6. Development of social entrepreneurship and employment in the non-profit sector;
    7. Increasing the influence of civil society in the processes of drafting and approving public policies.


    Grant funding procedures for civil society support are carried out on the basis of open and transparent competition according to the criteria set out in the law.