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    Publikuar në: 12/05/2022 Kategoria: News and ActivitiesNjoftime

    Publikuar në 15.07.2020

    The Summit for Democracy is a global initiative undertaking for the first time in 2021 by the United States Government, with President Biden convening world leaders in a 9-10 December 2021 gathering toward global democratic renewal that brought together governments, authorities, media, academia, the business sector and civil society around the world for the defense of democracy as the defining challenge of our time. Throughout the year 2022 as the “Year of Action” of the Summit, multistakeholder platforms have been launched called Democracy Cohorts, to take concerted action toward commitment implementation in areas of common interest. The Democracy Cohort for Anticorruption in which Albania is a Partner Country, will bring together governments and authorities that demonstrate political will toward progress on the Summit commitments in the area of the fight against corruption, along with the constructive criticism and contribution of key non-governmental stakeholders invested in the outcome. The Cohort will be co-led by several Governments and authorities and civil society representatives. The process will provide opportunities for meaningful dialogue and collaboration among civil society representatives, private sector leaders, philanthropic partners, academics, and government decision-makers on issues vital to good governance and democratic renewal.

    In order to enable Albania’s meaningful contribution to the Summit and the Cohort on Anticorruption,  the Albanian Government invites all interested Civil Society Organizations to submit their application for the 2 Albanian representative vacancies from the NGO sector.

    The applicant CSOs must fulfilled the criteria listed as below:

    1. they must be a civil society organization registered pursuant to the Albanian legal framework;
    2. they must not be a branch of an international organization operating in Albania;
    3. their activity must exceed local/regional relevance in its operations and implications for the advancement of the fight against corruption in Albania;
    4. they must have at least 5 years of proven records of contribution in terms of activism/promotion/monitoring/research/reporting/advocacy/litigation related to aspects of the fight against corruption in the country.

    *All prior regional and international knowledge, expertise and activity will be considered an advantage.

    The applying CSOs must submit electronically on the e-mail address the following documentation:

    • updated portfolio of expertise;
    • motivation letter;
    • proof documentation of their implemented projects/publishings/reports/court decisions (in cases of litigation cases) and all other certifications of their activity in the area of the fight against corruption for at least 5 years, as per the application criteria;

    The Albanian Government welcomes your applications until 20December 2022.