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  • Announcement of Call No. 14

    Publikuar në: 04/19/2021 Kategoria: News and ActivitiesNjoftime

    Publikuar në 15.07.2020

    The Agency for Support Civil Society  (ASCS) announces Call No. 14 for expression of interest.

    Interested NGOs are invited to bring project proposals that have as their object and cover the priority area:

    Psycho-social support:
    Health, psychological, legal support, etc. (at a distance and not only) for individuals, families and groups in need in problematic situations (victims of physical and psychological violence, Covid and post Covid situations, PTSD, etc.) by promoting and stimulating volunteerism, solidarity and philanthropy;

    European Integration:
    Recognition and education of European standards and human rights in the framework of European integration (Youth, Women, Children, Minorities, Vulnerable Groups, etc.);

    Strengthening the competitive / managerial capacities of NGOs (new, etc.);

    Lobbying and Advocacy;

    Fight Against Corruption and Public Legal Education:
    This priority is in line with the obligations arising from inter-institutional agreements such as the Cross-cutting Anti-Corruption Strategy (20% of the grant) and the Strategy for Public Legal Education (10% of the grant).

    In the field of Procurement;
    In the field of Education;
    In the field of Health;
    Law Enforcement;
    Environment, Sustainable Development:
    Environmental protection and rehabilitation, strengthening of educational capacities for the management of natural emergency situations (floods, fires, earthquakes, etc.);

    Tourism and Culture:
    Strengthening and promoting the historical, ethnographic, tourist, artistic, cultural values ​​of the Albanian nation;

    Sustainable SME Development:
    Support for small business (entrepreneurship) initiatives;

    You can download the application form for project proposals from our official website at the address:

    The minimum duration of project proposals should be 6 (six) months, while their maximum time should be up to 12 (twelve) months.

    The maximum amount of grant financing for a project is up to 2 million ALL.

    The deadline for submission only through the postal service and by e-mail of project proposals is Thursday, May 20, 2021, at 16:30.

    For questions regarding this call for project proposals, please write to us at the e-mail address: